Srishti Foundation has brought the joyous, ancient Dharmic festival of Holi to London, ON, since 2012. Holi, one of the most popular festivals, is celebrated throughout the world, by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and other Dharmic traditions originating in India & Nepal.

Join in for three hours for a “Riot of Colours“, synchronized Colour throws, Joy, Music and Dance with over 1000 Kgs of colours, celebrating HOLI on April 29th, Saturday, at Victoria Park, London, ON.

This is a child-friendly event, everyone is welcome and admission is free. *OUTSIDE COLOURS ARE STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED*
for security, safety, and quality control reasons and will be strictly enforced by security personnel and volunteers.

Organic Corn Starch Colours will be available at a nominal cost and sold at the venue, using cash or a card. You may also reserve your colours online, to avoid waiting in lines and spending more time playing.

The celebrations will comprise of –

  • “Riot of Colours”
  • High Energy Drummers (Dhol)
  • Bollywood dances & other Live performances
  • Synchronized Colour Throws & Play with Colours
  • Traditional Ganesh Puja to commence celebrations.
  • Delicious North & South Indian Cuisine & Snacks

Holi symbolizes the onset of spring, the blooming of colours in nature and signifies unity in diversity in the universe. The festival is marked by celebrations that involve boisterous fun, music, dancing, food and playing with colours. Holi signifies “unity in diversity” and oneness, that beneath the layers of different colours splashed across our faces, we are all the same and in sync with nature. So come out, get coloured and have fun …!!!

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